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Business First Fares is a subsidiary of RK Travel which was founded by Nisar Khan, in 1995.It was our founder’s vision to create a premier travel management company that treats every client like a member of our extended family. It really is that simple:"we take ownership of your travel plans and will do what is necessary to ensure your highest level of success." It is our special attention to our clients, along with our expertise in securing competitive fares to fit corporate and personal budgets that has allowed us to grow as an industry leader while remaining true to our mission. With a team of professional Travel Counselors,Business First Fares travel handles all of the details of our clients travel plans with precision and confidence. We know that providing exceptional service allows you to focus on the purpose of your trip, whether it is attending a product launch meeting or finally taking that once-in-a-lifetime family vacation. We have built our company on the ability to adapt quickly and respond appropriately to changing economies, technologies, and industries. We implement best practices and technology for managing travel and travel expenses, and focus on bringing value to our clients.

Our mission

Business First Fares is a family-owned travel management company committed to providing personalized travel solutions and competitive fares to corporate and personal travel clients. With our expertise of the corporate and leisure travel industries, along with our dedication to exceptional service, we are growing as premier travel management company for business and leisure travelers.

Corporate Travel

Business First Fares is a dynamic company of R.K.Travel Inc which adapts its serves to the needs of each of its clients. Since 1995, small, mid-sized, and large multinational corporations have all found Business First Fares Travel’s premier travel management services to be the best corporate travel support that compliments their company’s business objectives. We understand the importance of seamless travel management when it comes to our business clients, and we work diligently to ensure that we handle all of the details and secure competitive rates so you can focus on your business goal with confidence. We dedicate specific travel counselors to each of our clients and create travel profiles for all members of our clients’ staff. This ensures that your company develops a strong relationship with our staff and that travel procurement can be as efficient as possible.

Personal Travel

Business First Fares Travel is ready to work for you to create personal travel plans that are as convenient, relaxing, exciting, and as cost-effective as possible. Our team of Travel Counselors is passionate about the travel business, and will take your personal travel goals to heart as they help plan your memorable trip. Regardless of distance, destination, or duration, your vacation becomes our ambition. Your Business First Fares Counselor will work with you to create a tailored travel itinerary that keeps your budget in mind, so that you can focus on important things like researching the best place to see at your chosen destination.

Core Values

We Are Family: Along we are individuals, but when we come together as a unit with similar values and expectations we become a family. At Business First Fares,we are committed to one another and an environment that allows people to continually improve and reach their full potential. As a family, we provide unconditional support for our employees and our extended client family.


Trust, honestly and respect comprises the basis of our entire business model. It is with these principles that we strive to build customer loyalty and exceptional customer service. We will strive to grow with our customer’s by serving their changing needs through adaptability.


Our success comes from serving our clients and exceeding their expectations. Profits allow us to keep up with economic and industry trends and build our team in order to execute superior travel management.

Our Customers

The customer is the only reason that we come to work each day. We commit ourselves to serving beyond expectations.