Business class travel

By Imran

I started my career in 1987 as a travel agent, in those days traveling was not as affordable as now and business class travel was only for elites, high govt officials and company’s CEO or executive.

When I flew to Frankfurt on Lufthansa German airlines in 1993, my trip was arranged and fully paid with accommodation  by Lufthansa  German airlines, I was very excited as it was my first time travel in business class, the seat was enough wide to sit comfortably,  not flat-bed type seat though  and there was only one TV for whole cabin attached on front wall, they showed only one movie, I still remember it was “ The bodyguard”. We did not get any toiletries bag or warm nuts with welcome drink.    

Flying attendant served meal with appetizer and main course together.

Business class travel now is totally different with so many choices of airlines and availability of discounted airfares or purchasing corporate first-class fares are not very expensive if buy in advance.

Business class improved so much, like seats are flat-bed, offer sleeping suits, toiletries bags includes name brand luxury items, variety of foods and drinks. Some airlines provide complimentary limousine service for airport transfers and amazing thing is, food can be ordered any time before 2 hours landing on most international airlines on long flights, there is an  option also available do not disturb sign to for passenger who don’t want to be disturbed and rather sleep when meal serve by flight attendant couple minutes later after taking off plane, some people enjoy TV which is attached with  every seat and use WIFI provided complementary by airlines, cell phones and laptop  can be charged as all seats equipped with USB ports and AC-DC power outlets.  Seats can be reclined up 180 degree and enough space available to use laptop and dining.  Satellites phone available on selected flights also.

Business class travel is very comfortable compare was it was 25 years back and business class fare are not expensive what they used to be couple years back  if buy in advance with flexibility of dates/route and airlines and of course how can we miss business class lounges at the airports.     

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